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    I sent off a pair of my Wesco boots for rebuilding and they came back new.

    The concept of repairing shoes or boots is one that may younger people find it hard to understand. My area has 2 cobblers but they don't seem real busy and the cheap imported boots don't lend themselves to repair.

    Anyway West Coast boots or Wesco are fine boots made for linemen and the logging industry they also make biker boots and some women’s boots.
    They are fine American made boots not at all cheap but the abuse I put the pair just repaired would have killed many pair of cheap imports.
    The video showing the rebuild process is interesting.

    [​IMG]For 96 years, four generations of the Shoemaker family have invested blood, sweat, and tears into a business which is both legacy and legend. From our early days in the timber camps, measuring loggers' feet for boots, to entering the 21st century with the ultimate customer convenience of online ordering, Wesco has surely evolved. But as they say, nothing changes so much as it stays the same.

    We're still here in Scappoose, building fine boots with John Shoemaker's unwavering commitment to quality. To see a Wesco boot built is still a beautiful thing - 155 carefully finessed steps from start to finish. In the words of our founder, "A shoe is no better than the leather it is made of - and all the leather on the market is not worth a 'whoop' where there is no shoemaking skill." These words tell our Wesco story - a simple tale of quality that has endured a serious test of time.


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  2. Yard Dart

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    I have had Danner's and my jungle boots re-souled in the past..... takes a great boot you love, that is broke in and gives it new life [winkthumb]
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    Only boots I recall getting resoled are my Tony Llama's elephant hide boots.
    I'm hard on boots and wear them daily.
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    I used to get my "Tyrolia Boots resoled about three times before the Cobbler wouldn't work on them, further... Said there wasn't enough leather to make the repairs after that....
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    Sadly Wesco will have a hard time in this disposable world.

    Working boots, not hiking boots..

    $466.00 new....$150-? from china

    1. Rotate eyelets
    2. Replace vamp and vamp lining
    3. Replace full leather insole
    4. Replace outsole (and sideplate on Highliner® boot)
    5. Replace metal heel breastplate on Highliner® boot
    6. Inspect backstay
    7. Replace counter
    8. Replace full leather midsole
    9. Replace heel
    10. Replace steel shank (and leather half-slip on Highliner® boot)
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  6. NWPilgrim

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    Wesco caulks is what I wore logging. Back in the 70s I think I paid $250 when a new Mercury Montego was $2,500. Fantastic boots for the woods. Later got some Danner vibram for non-logging work. White is also great caulks. If you work in the woods or around big wood then protecting your feet is worth the best.
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