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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Rockfish Dave, May 4, 2009.

  1. Rockfish Dave

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    I would like to see a candidate have positions similar to these:

    Key positions:
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    If here illegally they have one year to exit these United States on their own accord. If discovered after the moratorium they will forfeit all possessions and be deported. All cash and possessions seized will be liquidated with the proceeds split between ICE and the local municipality law enforcement.

    National Defense:
    No "nation building" no "aid". I would endorse a strike hard and fast at any enemies. If a collation cannot be formed then it will be a job for special operations, after all that's what we pay them for.

    Privateers as per the constitution (thanks Ron) the compensation only needs to be restructured.

    Social Security:
    Do away with the Ponzy scheme. Each account balance will be brought up to what each individual has contributed and managed by a private regulated provider like any 401k. The only difference is I would prefer greater investment flexibility.

    Health Care:
    Mandate medical service providers charge the same (or average) price as charged to insurance providers. No longer will predatory pricing be allowed to subsidize the lower prices charged to insurance companies. Something will need to be done in regards to the insurance companies ability to strong-arm medical service providers into paying whatever suites them. Much more on this topic.

    Cut Federal Gov't and Spending:
    Simply if the program does not clearly adhere to the guidelines set forth in the constitution then eliminate them.

    Pay off the debt as soon as possible. Step one No Deficit. Seek balanced budget legislation. Finance wars with bonds... (open to suggestions here).

    Gun Control:
    Honor the second amendment.
  2. Seawolf1090

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    That's a platform I could vote for! [beer]
  3. Tango3

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    These "gun banners" think they are well within the second amendment. I'm starting to believe a great divide has been cultured and matured in the U.S.: The "We know what's good for you. cradle to grave nanny state" vs "leave me alone"'(er's) perhaps a mass migration to a state like Mmontana or Texas with a "separatist" mindset
    will be (inevitable) necessary. Can anyone spend more than 30 seconds listening to Garafalo and other heavy libs without throwing things??? Does any of their drivel make sense???

    Otherwise I think those platforms would be very welcome. and now that the G.o.p. is trying to restructure itself.We can only hope; but I don'thave much hope for any changes within the conventional two-party system.
  4. QuietOne

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    I've given up on the Republicans. Remember the Contract with America? All they did was lie and steal right along with their Democrat buddies. McCaine has proven he's just another one of the DC liars by how he's treated Palin and what he's done since the election. I'll never trust either party, I'll never believe any promises and I'll only support someone who's proven their principles by how they've acted.
  5. Seawolf1090

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    I'd have to move to Texas.
    While I applaud Montanans standing on their hindlegs and standing up to the DC Terrorists, they have the disadvantage of being landlocked. They'd be surrounded by the Enemy once they seceded.
    Texans have a history of being hard-headed and independent - I like that!
    They also have a long coastline and shipping ports - they could carry on thier own international trade. They also have their oil business - and I'd love to see that taken away from the FedGov's use.
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