"When conflicts arise, Switzerland must put its sovereignty first,"

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  1. OldDude49

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    Seems the Swiss are just sayin NOPE to the EU...

    Statue of William Tell in Switzerland

    Fortress Switzerland is armed to the teeth and wants to stay that way:

    Friction between Switzerland and the European Union over the bloc's plans to tighten gun control following a rise in militant attacks could turn into another serious snag in ties already tested by Swiss efforts to curb immigration. The proposed directive, which applies to non-EU member Switzerland only because it is part of Europe's Schengen open border system, has raised hackles among the Swiss, who resent intervention from Brussels.
    Christoph Blocher, a leading voice of the Swiss right and a eurosceptic, says Switzerland should consider abandoning Europe's Schengen system of passport-free travel if the Swiss people rejected the proposed measures in a referendum. Drafted after militants killed scores in attacks in Paris last year, the EU plans on gun control aimed to curb online weapons sales and impose more restrictions on assault weapons.

    But the initial proposal provoked an outcry in Switzerland because it meant a ban on the long Swiss tradition of ex-soldiers keeping their assault rifles.

    Military service is mandatory in Switzerland and arms ownership is a proud tradition that dates back half a millennium or more; the bowman William Tell, a national hero, is a good example. Even National Socialist Germany didn't dare attack Switzerland and throughout European history, wise conquerors have steered clear of the Swiss hedgehog.

    Two months ago, Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga returned from meetings in Brussels saying she had successfully negotiated against such a ban. But the fine print was more complicated: EU members demanded concessions including psychological tests and club membership.
    Swiss gun rights proponents are now complaining this could disarm thousands of law-abiding citizens and that it would encroach on Switzerland's heritage and national identity that includes a well-armed citizenry. "When conflicts arise, Switzerland must put its sovereignty first," said Blocher, a businessman and vice president of the SVP, which is the country's biggest party. "In an emergency, Switzerland should be ready to exit Schengen."

    Exit Schengen? What a good idea.

    Swiss Resisting EU Gun-Grabbers
  2. arleigh

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    This proves how stupid other Europeans are .
    Switzerland has been around for how long, and everyone has guns almost and the least trouble with it's aggressive neighbors because of it.
    And Europe thinks they will be safer disarming the people.
  3. Ura-Ki

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    Proof positive that an armed populous is a safe populous! I am reminded of the story of a German Commanding General visiting the Swiss to negotiate terms to involve them on the side of Germany. The German General thinking he might just threaten the Swiss a little told them that he would march the German army across the Swiss border and invade and that the Germans would take over. The German General tells the Swiss General that he has three times the number of German troupes, to which the Swiss General tell him that when Germany comes, each Swiss Citizen will fire there rifles three times, and Germany will not be invading Switzerland!!! Germany was very close to doing so, and I think this story might be true, because if never happened! No army has successfully invaded Switzerland and made it stick!
  4. duane

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    Sweden used to be almost as well armed and was able to stay out of conflicts, it looks like Swedish "immigration" policies, like the rest of Europe, may destroy their country as it is doing France and several others. One day last week they "rescued" 30,000 from the sea and they did not say how many more came in other ways. The migrants do not want to assimilate, they want us to conform to their beliefs and laws. Wake up people!
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  5. 3M-TA3

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    Disarming victims is how the left protects terrorists and criminals.

    Good on the Swiss!
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  6. Legion489

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    Gun free zones are places were only the armed citizen who wishes to left alone and criminals have a gun. But the law enFORCEment will only go after the citizen who wishes to be safe, but not the violent criminal. Sort of like the brain/intelligence free zones I see around here, only the intelligent are attacked, the stupid walk free.
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  7. OldDude49

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    there are some that would argue that such is by design or intent...
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  8. Glenn

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    What's it going to take to get our citizens head out of sand and wake up in our small community there are good solid christian people that would help anyone but they do have the capacity to protect others and there property like a sheepdog over his flock. I'm afraid our votes won't cut it .getting around like minded people like you folks brings hope.
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  9. Kingfish

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    Im with the Swiss, Tell the E.U. TO PISS OFF.
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