When the corrupt and stupid work together

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    this is an interesting article with someone expressing their opinion on our current situation...

    When the corrupt and stupid work together

    The words "stupid" and "corrupt" are frequently used together. This leads some people to believe that corrupt politicians are also stupid people.

    That's a big mistake. Before we go any further, here are the definitions of each word:

    Corrupt: Dishonest; without integrity; guilty of dishonesty, esp. involving bribery. Debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil. Putrid.

    Stupid: Lacking ordinary activity and keenness of mind; dull.

    There are two truths here we need to grasp. The first is that stupid and corrupt people cross paths (with one another and us) all the time. By and large this intersection only affects the rest of us (who are neither stupid nor corrupt) during election times.

    The second is that corrupt people rely upon stupid people to enable them. In that sense, corrupt people are like child sex abusers, who rely on their age and experience to steal childhood innocence and profit from their theft.

    So the corrupt rely upon the stupid to empower them. The fact that election time is now perpetual is the reason why this collusion is so important to the rest of us. It's so important because corrupt people use stupid people to gain control over the levers of power in government, where the corrupt can enrich themselves at our expense and lock us out of ever removing them. (It's why the founders added the Second Amendment, and why the corrupt constantly attack it.)

    Nor is the corrupt person's financial enrichment our only problem resulting from their illicit liaison. Corrupt promises made to stupid people have to be seen (by the stupid) to have been fulfilled. These fulfilled promises become government policy.

    We only need to look at the promises being made by the Democrats' crop of presidential candidates to see the danger they pose to the continued existence of our republic. The corrupt know their policies will fail, but if they are elected, they will enact them anyway.

    Freedom and liberty simply cannot survive the stupid and corrupt working together. Corrupt people are evil people. Their corruption and evil desires rule their lives. When they are elected to govern us, their corruption and evil desires rule our lives as well. Your life and liberty mean nothing to them.

    In fact, its worse than that. Your life and liberty are an affront to them! Your decency is offensive to them. You are deplorable! That's why there are now two standards of justice in America. One for the corrupt (elites), and another standard that once applied to all but now is reserved entirely for the rest of us.

    The stupid are not guiltless in this, and they do pay a price (although they may be too stupid to see it). Open borders? How stupid is that? Yet the corrupt benefit by hanging onto power from open borders, because they enact motor voter laws and driver's licenses for all. Viola! New voters who are easy to propagandize.

    How about education? From the early years on, teachers' unions benefit from more students, which means more teachers. School administrators benefit by bigger schools, which pay bigger salaries and require bigger facilities – all to service the increasing load of students, legal or illegal.

    Once the increased numbers of students have become the new normal, they must be preserved, or teaching jobs and administrative bloat will be cut. So grade inflation kicks in, educational standards are lowered to meet graduation numbers, and discipline problems overtake the classroom. Gangs and drugs take over communities. The entire system begins its final descent into uselessness.

    Colleges, faced with declining numbers of students who meet their entrance requirements, bow to the pressure and lower their requirements.

    Student-loan cash flows from taxpayers into colleges and universities. A variety of "career paths" are opened up to accommodate new students who would have no chance of STEM career jobs, which for good reason require a college education.

    The corrupt are hired to teach the stupid, who will never find a job in their "career" field, because the culture is not "woke" enough to know they need it. They graduate and become political activists, hired by corrupt politicians to retain their grip on power.

    Students find they can't remove their debts through bankruptcy and face life encumbered with a fake education that bears a real cost, which will take them decades to overcome. Demands for "free" (paid by for someone else) education emerge. Corrupt politicians respond.

    Given a good early education, many of these students would have recognized trade schools as their best chance of advancement. But illegal immigrants often take those jobs, because corrupt employers like to pocket the difference in wages. Corrupt politicians can then tap them for campaign donations.

    Corrupt and stupid. It's an endless cycle into national oblivion. One world. Corrupt to the core. Run by a worldwide liaison of corrupt elites and fake nation states full of serfs.

    Are there any options? I see only these: God, guns and Gitmo.

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    Ain't that the truth brother!
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