When TSHTF, the Most Dangerous Looters Will Wear Uniforms

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OldDude49, Apr 30, 2017.

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    That's a fack, Jack!
    The Government is the biggest, greediest, and most antisocial gang of all.
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    It is all about words and thoughts. In the people's republic of Mass. you have sanctuary cities and undocumented immigrants, but a mandatory prison sentence for "illegal" firearms possession. That takes care of your defending yourself, hoarding laws will take your food and give it to the "needy" and Pocohantus will rant and rave about you being a racist and such. If you live in some areas of the country, leave now while you can,
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    If and when it hits the fan you will not need to worry about uniforms. Everyone and I do mean Everyone is a threat. Your friends and neighbors the dog next door the punk kid around the block. Sad but true and the network of friends and like minded people will disintegrate or just plain disappear. Trust in yourself and loved ones. Just my thoughts.
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    :rolleyes: Yeah! I think I already said that in this thread: SHTF: Martial law or not (can it happen) | Page 3 | Survival Monkey Forums

    Think anybody's going to listen? Personally I doubt it; or, at least, not until it's already too late. (Which it just might be, right now!) The monkey who posted after me in the above cited thread seems to think that the government will do anything in order to continue collecting taxes; however, it shouldn't require a Master's Degree in international economics or finance in order to realize that the United States Of America is already flat broke; and whenever the foreign cartel of international banksters feels like calling in America's Federal Reserve loans ....... 'kaBoom! ' The party's going to come to a screeching halt; and everybody's going to be 'fiddling to beat the devil! '

    Anyone who's been paying attention to, both, the rumors AND stated information coming out of recent Bilderberg Conferences should already be aware that the discussion issues used to revolve around international investments and global finance; but that was yesterday. Today the capital these conquering world overlords desire is people's souls; and nothing less will quench their thirst! :eek:
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    The only ones that want to destroy the US are NorK and Iran, everybody else is tied to us economically and if we go down, so do they. It doesn't matter how we fail, grid hack, EMP, financial, they fail if we fail. The Chinese economy would tank the minute we crashed as where would they sell to? As for the banking cartels, the same thing, they would love to see us fail politically and become part of the NWO, but an economic fail is not in their best interest. All that said, the piper is going to have to be paid, and I expect sooner rather than later, when that happens, it won't be pretty. 1929 will look like a cake walk at a church social.
  7. DKR

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    So, kinda like India today?

    (https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/00...sless=true&s=7f705f4b71babbd65685649ee0582a7d) Warning, link has very graphic photos of life in India today.

    As for the thieves in uniform...

    Katrina is full of lessons:
    Yet when private companies dispatched helicopters, trucks and buses to evacuate hospitals and nursing homes, officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency commandeered some of them for other uses, hospital and nursing home officials said.

    She was told by top officials at Universal Health Services, the company that runs the hospital, that they had rented two trucks with food, water and diesel fuel and sent them on, "but they were confiscated by federal authorities," she said. The company also hired two helicopters, but officials refused to let them fly, she said. Company officials declined to comment.

    A police officer who is the husband of a Methodist nurse made his way home to get his boat and Jet Ski, Ms. McCall said. On his way back, she said, federal authorities commandeered the Jet Ski for attic rescues but let him keep the boat, with which he brought food, water and dry clothes.

    I'm sure others have stories as well.
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  8. Dunerunner

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    All good lessons, but also beware of those who will pose as police. There will be dangers everywhere and no one to protect and defend you, your family and what you have but you.
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