White House put on alert after 30K Emails may have been recovered :)

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    The Secret Service NSA, CIA FBI,SAC, US marshals service,ICE homeland security and most other federal agency’s other than the IRS and VA who were in Las Vegas on the taxpayers dime on do not disturb ... were briefly put on alert when a cry of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was heard after Investigators may have recovered lost IRS emails | Fox News and traced back to 1600 Pennsylvania ave Washington DC and was further identified as a male and female African American voices who had resided at the residence free charge running up greens fees and room service charges for 6 years...

    After the voices were identified the alert was cleared ( by executive order ) as they have been many times most recently after the midterm elections.

    As posted earlier https://www.survivalmonkey.com/threads/30-000-missing-emails-from-irs-lois-lerner-recovered.50676/
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