WHOA! server in germany was seized by U.S.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OldDude49, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. OldDude49

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    seems it was a CIA server??? at a CIA site... and it was therefore legal for the U.S. to seize it?

    who was in charge of the CIA? Brennen or something like that?

    IF this is all true there gonna be some folks facing charges of treason IMHO...

    and I hope so!

    anyways have a look see... and give your opinion if ya care too...

    and several other links same folks more stories...

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  2. DKR

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    This is an example of the web echo chamber.

    Bloggers quoting bloggers quoting You Tube vids quoting bloggers.

    NO source is given past Lou Ghomert - who quotes "intel sources". - pretty damn anonymous - nearly mythical.

    The bankruptcy of Scytl ( the servers supposedly taken) attracted five banks (Sabadell, Santander, BBVA, Bankinter and Deutsche Bank) and a public financial institution, the Catalan Institute of Finance, which had lent funds to the company..
    The bankruptcy of the Catalan electronic voting company Scytl is approaching its outcome. The Irish group Paragon will take control of the technology company, after months of negotiations with the bank to find a solution to its liquidation, according to ARA from sources close to the operation
    This report from 20 Sept of this year. - Creditors give the green light to the sale of Scytl to the Irish Paragon

    Paragon, based in Ireland and specialized in information technology and digital services, is very close to becoming the winner of the production unit of Scytl, company electronic voting based in Barcelona that is in the process of liquidation for not being able to face debts of some 80 million euros.
    Paragon, owner of Service Point, sole bidder to save Scytl - Archynetys from 4 July 2020.
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  3. Oddcaliber

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    This is getting more confusing than a soap opera!
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  4. chelloveck

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    Some here thrive on conspiracy theory soap opera...almost as compelling and satisfying as 'Days of Our Lives' https://www.nbc.com/days-of-our-lives

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  5. ghrit

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    And some just ignore the noise.
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  6. chelloveck

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    Apparently, the OP finds it irresistible. :LOL:
  7. Gaowlpoop

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    By the time it is all said and dune the only one facing treason will be the janitor.
  8. Bandit99

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    Exactly! As is the norm in Amerika. All the rank and file, the peons, must toe the line or face complete financial annihilation and/or incarceration up to life. But, if you are in the special cliché, the super group, the cool elites then you can spend millions to investigate presidents on bogus charges, use any government agency to harass your opposition, tie unclassified servers to classified networks, use your political status to allow your son to make millions, even murder people on suicide watch! Amerika the Land of the Free and Equal Opportunity... (Note: only kidding about the 'Equal' part...err...also the 'Free' part)
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  9. VisuTrac

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  10. TXKajun

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    I have about come to the conclusion that Trump needs to say "I concede, you have what you've been wanting and rioting about for the last 4 years, GOOD LUCK! Asta la vista, baby!" And go back to his businesses. And may God have mercy on America. :(
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  11. OldDude49

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    problem with that is what they will do during their reign... the things they could do might prove to be irreversible...
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  12. Bandit99

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    It was all over but the crying on 3 November 2020 and we have our grand old party the Republicans that continue to do what they ALWAYS do - 'full of sound and fury, signifying - nothing.' Oh they rant and rave, beat their chests and make brave speeches but do anything? Not a chance! They had a chance to stop the election fraud BEFORE (they knew it was coming because we ALL did!) but choose to either do nothing or allow it (more likely they helped it!). Now, even if it is showed to be fraud there will never be trust in the outcome...in that it was the final blow, the last nail.

    @OldDude49 "problem with that is what they will do during their reign... the things they could do might prove to be irreversible..."
    Sorry, but you misstated. It should read 'the things they WILL do WILL prove to be irreversible...' And, in that, you are correct. The Leftists stole this election and by doing so stole the country. It's even more elegant than burning the Reichstag because now who will believe in voting - no one - and there is a good chance Right-minded folks will simply stop voting so... Why bother? It is all over but the crying. It is finished. Over. America is dead. Long live Amerika!

    And, the sooner we all realize this the better...Why? We are now an occupied country because with this election fraud we loss all rights to self-govern because one's vote no longer counts, that's what made us citizens and not subjects. In the next four years they will consolidate power exactly like every other totalitarian government has done throughout history, more like two years. And, it will all be done completely legal and proper to the point that one will not even be able to raise their voice in protest.

    So, all we can do is live our lives as best we can under their rule and die well when the time comes.
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