Why Do We Pay Social Security Taxes?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, Mar 26, 2012.

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    My wife and I each have paid Social Security taxes for a combined 76 years or more than a reasonable life expectancy for an average human. We did this because we were told that if something happened that rendered us unable to work, that "Security" would be paid back to us in the form of an annuity to insure we could pay our own way. It wasn't going to be a gift from God/Government, but a retirement/health insurance to see that we did not become a public burden.
    My wife broke her neck on a job in Honduras several years ago and the damage never really healed. Eventually, she had to have vertebrae fused an held with steel pins. She now also has COPD and cannot exert herself doing normal activities without blacking out from asphyxiation. She got so bad that she could no longer work nearly two year ago and applied for Social Security Disability, something she should be entitled to without question. They denied her because I make too much money, in spite the the loss of her income has placed a tremendous financial burden on us. She has continued to fight to recieve her Social Security payments for nearly two years now and they are still sending her to doctors to determine her elgibility even though every doctor she has gone too has stated categorically that she is unable to work and will never again be able to work. I continue to pay Social Security taxes each and every week, the Government has taken that money and spent on other fiscal projects and has some type of Ponzi Scheme to continue the system that they can't even really define. Why do we continue this foolishness? What is the point? Now they want to allow hispanics to be eligible for benefits but those of us that pay for it can't receive them?
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    Plain and simple: The Government is stealing money from those who have and giving it to those who vote Democrat.
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    it will come to a head, when all the boomers start hitting it up.. lol

    You think you got it bad?
    I'm only 37, I been pissed about this since I was 22..

    I will NEVER see a return on the taxes that I have paid..
    except to see that my brothers and sister who have "poverty" level income, their kids get free lunches and food assistance now..

    I am the oldest of 9 kids!!!
    My taxes are spread thin just amongst my 4 useless not to mention my 20 extended family members!!
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    Has you wife filed for benefits from the Honduran gov't?

    I was in High School when CONgress declared that due to 'massive surpluses in the SS fund" the FedGov could fund Medicare, then later, Medicade. Both massive cesspits of fraud almost from the start.

    THen there are the 'crazy' checks - if you are anti-social enough, you can collect 1200+ FedGov bucks a month, plus the other giveaways - food stamps and so on. Money to folks who have never paid into the fund.

    Refugee? SSI money to you! The list is nearly endless, Social Security has been the FedGov piggy bank for generations. Those "surpluses" (even those in the mythical lockbox no less) are sitting around as Federal Bonds.

    Ponzi scheme is too polite a word - the damnable part is that citizens never had a chance to opt out and illegals never paid into it - and yet now both want payouts.

    SS will collapse before this decade is out - the question you need to ask yourself, what am I going to do when (not if) that happens.
    Not long after that, Gov't pensions -at all levels- will circle the toilet and disappear as well. What have you planned for that?

    Some of us have seen the cliff coming for years, decades even - what to do when we collectively fly over that cliff should be part of any planning process.

    I was working a gig in the old Soviet a couple of years after it fell apart. Not pretty. Going to be a lot less pretty here.

    So - what does your lifeboat look like?
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    Sea.... the simple answer to your question is: "You pay in, so that I can get Mine OUT, before there is no more to get, Period"..... ..... YMMV.....

    Oh Yea, Thank You, To all those who ARE Paying In, so that I can get Mine Out....
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    at least you garnered some knowledge in your lifetime, to pass on, and so it "pays" to keep you around.. ccc
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    I'm 35 going on 36. I've NEVER had any hopes of drawing a SS check. I'll be working until the day I drop dead on the job.
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    The goverment has stole from the SS fund from day one, a friend of mine who works for the SS admin said it makes him sick to see ppeople come in and get it for being addicted to drugs and alcohol. Then working people like your wife Sea comes in and they run them through hoops and then tell them well your spouse makes to much. My dad was covered up in the mines and my mom just got to old to work and has a lot of medical problems and they will give one of them a $10.00 cost of living then take $15.00 away from the other one because the one got a cost of living raise. Now my parents could do like alot of other and lie about being seperated or file for devorce but choose to be honest. It is true the goverment is taking money from us all that most of us will never see.

    Stang Im only a couple years older than you and me and you both will end up working til we drop. By the time we are old enough to get back it will be a thing of the past.

    Hell the goverment has started taking money out of State retirement systems. When the systems were set up the state and feds put a clase in that they could borrow from the systems without notice.

    another kick to the working class
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    Alpha, my Retirement plan is winning the Lottery. Better odds than betting on living to collect SS. A unlike a 401k plan it'll actually be there when you win.
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    I am right there with you.
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    You have to wait until next year. It's my turn this year.
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    Im with you on this one, and hope I wont be refered to as something just below my waistline., for my response.

    I will say Social insecurity is a complete fruad and is socialist control ove your life.

    So the deal with "Disability" is that it is welfare. So if you make money you dont get welfare.

    I realize hindsights 20/20, but if you have assects and income it is essuantual to protect them with "PRIVATE INSURANCE".

    I can simpthysize with your situation, but we are all getting screwed by the goovernment.
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    You pay social security taxes because if you don't, men with guns will come and put you in prison.
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    bwahahahahahaha, Sorry BT, My grand parents and now my parents are getting my SS dollars. I think i should have more kids to take care of me in my old age. The missus might take issue with that though as she has been fixed.
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  16. they are paid because the IRS has the gun pointed at your head.

    Don't pay and they will throw ya in a cage, or kill you , or destroy everything you have, and leave you penniless on the street, your family ripped from your life, and every hand of the terrorcrats turned against you and the threat to the theft that they enforce against you while demanding the sanction of their victims.
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