Why no riots in Oklahoma?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DKR, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. DKR

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    Interesting question. Rush had this take:

    Why are the civil rights crowds and the Black Lives Matter groups and the people loyal to the Reverend Jackson, why aren't they in Oklahoma? Why aren't they raising hell in Oklahoma and why are they raising hell in North Carolina, where there isn't a racial component? Oklahoma is in the Trump camp. There's no reason to spend any time or money there. North Carolina, Hillary in trouble, they need the black turnout.

    Worth a discussion, as it points to a possible source of the funding used to transport the "protestors" into town. The local cops in NC have said that fully 70% of the (fill in the blank) arrested have out of state IDs.

    Your take? I'm assuming you are at least familiar with the differences between the shooting in Tulsa, OK and Charlotte NC.
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  2. Yard Dart

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    NC is in play for the upcoming election....plain and simple. Create chaos to try and activate the liberal base to get out and vote.
    Okies are solid red state...... no benefit to the left to stir up chit there IMO.
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  3. ghrit

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    It would be instructive to see the ethnic percentage differences between NC and OK, and with the level of education in each segment.
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  4. DarkLight

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    Dint know who to believe at this point but they have revised that number to 75% local on WBT (radio) this morning.
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  5. Dunerunner

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    Follow the money. I hope someone does this homework! [wannamesswitme]
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  6. Ura-Ki

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    BLM are funded by Obummer and Co. Soroes, Killery, Bloomberg, ect..........All have a stake in getting Killery elected and into the big house. Make no mistake, a divided country is easier to control, especially with a race of known violence in the poor areas and under educated, they can be very easy to manipulate into a storm of riots and other nasty not nice things, and that makes things easy for the Killery party! They don't need to black vote, they need to be seen doing something to condemn this so that the Liberal fence sitters dutifully march into the polls and vote for the Bizch!
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  7. marlas1too

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    its all a trick to have obama start martial law
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  8. Yard Dart

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    Don't be lulled into complacency with these little uprisings....

    You ain't seen anything yet....wait till Trump gets elected. I suspect inner cities will burn themselves down in revolt....I for one look forward to it. ;)
  9. DKR

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    I'll admit to being more than a little cynical - that a political party or political support group would pay to transport criminals to a city to "stir up the base" in order to get their candidate elected is, if true, reprehensible at best and most certainly a criminal act.

    Sadly - we live in time where this (shipping rioters) is not only believable, but well within the realm of possible - probable even.
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  10. Dunerunner

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    Some would call that Urban Renewal!! :D
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  11. T. Riley

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    NC is 23% black, OK, 9%. There's your sign.
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  12. Motomom34

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    Another reason why there is in issue in Charlotte vs. Tulsa is the educational institutions. Remember when the reports are the people arrested are from out of town, that can mean those arrested are college students. You may live and go to school in the area but you are still considered an out of stater.

    List of schools in Charlotte, North Carolina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    List of colleges and universities in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I just cannot see the students of Oral Roberts University rioting but I can see the students of University of NC rioting and mixed with the inner city population, you have a mob.
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  13. DKR

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    I knew that O/U (Go Sooners) were parked in Tulsa. I thought ORU was way out in the hinterlands. Thanks for the links!
  14. yeti695

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    Living in Oklahoma, and once lived in the Tulsa Metro for 7 years and worked there for almost 17 years, I dont really know why there was no riots. I made a post about a week ago when all this happened, hoping that it wouldnt get bad. I'm glad that it didnt I had to travel through there yesterday. It seems to be that everything that has happend has been peaceful and make me kind of happy that there are still some place that there are not a group of idiots wainting for a reason to burn things down. With all that said, if the legal process dont go the way that some people think it should then we could see a riot. I hope not, but you never know.
    I think that one of the reason is that as far as around the Tulsa Metro area, there is not a lot of Police violence. I cant really say much for the OKC Metro, but the Tulsa Metro, it doesnt seem to be that much. I'm sure there is more that even I hear about, but it doesn't seem like its as much as over places. Transportation could be one reason, outside the two major metro area, you have to take a car. You cant take a bus between the two other than Greyhound. And there is no train. Its about 1.5 hour from OKC to Tulsa via the Interstate 44. Dallas is 4 hours, Little Rock is 5 hours, Fayetteville is 2 hours, and Wichita is 2.5 hours. Those are the closest major cities outside the state, and I wouldnt really count the last two as major cities like the rest.

    DKR the University of Oklahoma, is in Norman, OK, that south of Oklahoma City (or as we call it around here the City). And is part of the OKC Metro area. Oklahoma State University is in Stillwater, OK, its about 60 miles west of Tulsa and 50 miles northeast of OKC. ORU and Tulsa University are in Tulsa they area about 7 miles away from each other..
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