Why QE2 failed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jul 17, 2011.

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    It was a good read but it also leave a very bad taste in your mouth.
    I hope all of us can work during the next year to insure our politicians know that we are not going to tolerate things as they have been.
    We need a balanced budget and LOWER Taxes to stimulate the economy not higher taxes.
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    We MUST have a new and properly Constitutional Government Administration - boot out the Whitehouse Resident and his Senate & House minions and cronies. Flush the DC Toilet, big time! Only then can true progress be made.
    Keep the same foxes in the henhuse and the slaughter continues......
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    The reason why this and everything else failed was 0bama was involved and literally 0bama has failed at everything he has touched.

    0bama's ideology doesn't work; it has failed. Even though 0bama can see it failed; 0bama is so deeply entrenched in his ideology he can't admit it and change.
    0bama is inept, incompetent and a stupid inexperienced amateur.
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