will it start in michigan?

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    Mich. governor signs 48-month welfare limit

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    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday signed into law a stricter, four-year lifetime limit on cash welfare benefits, prompting advocates for the poor to warn that tens of thousands of residents will find themselves without cash assistance on Oct. 1.
    Michigan's first-year Republican chief executive said the state will offer exemptions to the limit for those with a disability who can't work, those who care for a disabled spouse or child and those who are 65 or older and don't qualify for Social Security benefits or receive very low benefits.
    Some recipients who are the victims of domestic violence also may be temporarily exempted.
    "We are returning cash assistance to its original intent as a transitional program to help families while they work toward self-sufficiency," Snyder said in a statement. He noted that the state still will help the poor by offering food stamps, health care coverage through Medicaid, child care and emergency services.
    Then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat, signed a bill that created a four-year limit starting in 2007. But that law exempted many welfare recipients, including those whose caseworkers said they were making progress toward finding employment.
    The 2010 election of Snyder and the simultaneous Republican takeover of the Michigan House gave the GOP a free hand to set its own course on public assistance.
    The change gives Michigan the Midwest's toughest welfare time limit, according to a survey by The Detroit News. It said there are five-year limits in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. Indiana has a two-year limit for adults — but none for children.
    Gilda Jacobs of the Michigan League for Human Services said she expects about 41,000 people to lose their cash assistance payments on Oct. 1 when the state's new budget year begins. That includes 29,700 children, according to the Michigan Department of Human Services.
    "We're very, very concerned," Jacobs said. "As the days go by, new people will be meeting the 48-month limit. ... More will be falling off that cliff."
    The new law will reduce the number of children and adults receiving cash assistance by nearly a fifth, from more than 221,000 to around 180,000. Enforcing a four-year limit will save the state more than $60 million annually, according to a House Fiscal Agency analysis.
    Jacobs said it's hard to see how 11,000 adults will find a job when Michigan's July unemployment rate was 10.9 percent, tied with South Carolina for third-highest in the nation.
    "We still have to preserve a safety net for people who, through no fault of their own, can't find a job," she said, noting that most cash assistance goes to help poor residents pay their rent. "There's obviously a lot of anxiety out there. Folks aren't sure exactly what this means to them."
    State officials say they're working with nonprofit organizations to direct welfare recipients to other services and provide a "soft landing" as they lose benefits. Recipients will be connected with other resources, given housing and job placement assistance for up to three months beyond October and mentored by trained job navigators.
    "Michigan continues to face financial challenges, and the fiscal reality is that we cannot afford to provide lifetime cash assistance to recipients who are able to work," Health and Human Services director Maura Corrigan said in a statement. "Enforcing lifetime limits for cash assistance ensures that available funds are targeted toward those recipients who need a helping hand while they find employment."
    Michigan ranked 38th in child poverty for 2009, defined as income below $21,756 for a family of two adults and two children. About 23 percent of Michigan's children lived in poverty in 2009, compared with 20 percent nationally. In 2000, only 14 percent of Michigan children lived in poverty. The average age of a child in a family receiving cash assistance is around 7 years old.
    Snyder, a Republican, has said reducing the number of children living in poverty is a priority of his administration.
    The Michigan Catholic Conference has objected to the four-year limit. The conference said the effect will be felt for years by society and by children who lose services.
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    Looks like we'll find out pretty soon.
  3. jasonl6

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    Good for them, This needs to happen all over the country. A neighbor of mine has been on SS disability for 20 years because of back problems. I see him all the time splitting wood, carrying 100lbs bags of feed to his animals and the like. While i believe some people truly need it i think it's high time that those that don't get booted. There should be people in place checking up on people. If you get assistance from the government you shouldn't be shopping at the GAP and AE for back to school cloths while 3 months behind on rent and less than 2 days worth of microwave meals in the freezer.

  4. Falcon15

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    This will NOT end well. I cringe at what my mind imagines. 41K people are not going to riot, every single welfare recipient, with few exceptions, will be out burning, looting, destroying, all for their supposed "rights" to taxpayer money.
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  5. enough

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    meh. as a michigander, it will mainly be contained to detroit and flint. let them burn. hopefully they burn the crackhouses before they hit the empty downtown districts, but we'll see.

    what stood out to me most of all was the "lifetime" limit. so this means that a cumulative effect of any times in which the recipient has received benefits?

    I'm happy to see a politician with the fortitude to do what needs to be done. its by no means an overall solution, but its a step. i'll raise a glass to rick tonight.
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  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    It might work out... who knows they might move to California....
  7. enough

    enough Monkey++

    ding ding ding!!!!

    We have a winner! :)
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  8. Clyde

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    Well, they can't afford to tear down the 10,000+ Homs that have been abandoned in the city of Detroit. This will actually save hundreds of millions.
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  9. Falcon15

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    That made me chuckle. Thank you, Clyde, that is another beer I owe ya.
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  10. Illini Warrior

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    if half of Detroit crossed over the bridge to Canada to seek political asylum ...... I would certainly help convince Canada that the new refugees needed to stay
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  11. That's where they belong anyway! Freaking Canada!
  12. VisuTrac

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    Erm, why would we want to burden them on Canada? You know we might all wind up trying to be illegal immigrants to Canada. I hear they need help logging and skinning beavers.

    Seriously though, Canada went through their economic hardship/austerity programs maybe a decade ago. They are better off than we are here in the states. That would be my exit strategy "Moving to Canada eh?"

    I'm smack dab in the middle between Detroit and Flint. I'll let you know what happens if'n it comes to my neighborhood.

    What do I think will be the impact? Not much. They can still get rent, medicare, and food assistance. Michigan's economy has been in the tank for over a decade so the loss of 450 bucks per month is going to hurt but sell some more weed / meth / crack or actually get a paying arson job for a soon to be foreclosed property owner one could easily make up for the loss in assistance.

    There are still great big loopholes like
    Being Deferred.*
    Working and following your Family Self-Sufficiency Plan.*
    Live in a county with a high unemployment rate

    *You may be excused from FIP or RAP work rules if you are:

    Under the age of 16.
    Age 65 or older.
    A parent of a baby less than three (3) months old. You may be assigned to family strengthening activities once the baby is six weeks old.
    A parent of a child who is active with Early On®.
    Working 40 hours per week.
    Age 16-19, in school full-time, and expected to graduate before age 20.
    Caring for a child or spouse with a disability (depending on the person's needs and the child's school attendance).
    A person with a disability or medical limitations.
    Experiencing a temporary critical event such as domestic violence (determined by DHS).
    You may be excused from FAP work rules if you are:

    Age 60 or older.
    Personally caring for a child under the age of six (6) who is receiving FAP on your case.
    Working 30 hours per week or earning at least minimum wage times 30 hours per week.
    Attending high school, adult education, or in a GED program for at least half-time.
    Injured, ill or personally caring for household member with a disability.
    Seven - nine (7-9) months pregnant.
    Pregnant with medical complications.
    Applying for FAP at a Social Security office.
    In substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation.
    Applying for or receiving unemployment benefits.
    Appealing denial of unemployment benefits.

    So, yes Tyrone, Tamika and Bubba are still going to get the cash until we all run out. (Hmm, wonder how i can git me some o dat stimulus?)

    Mr. Snyder is just giving the populace some shiny legislation to dazzle them.

    Just my 2 copper clad zincs.

    Carry on, nothing to see here.

    Naughty Monkey
  13. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    Visutrac, does your place look like the "Omega Man's"? Hope it can-lol.
  14. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    Nope. Not in the city. I am rural, the swamps and lakes. I've got the suburbs to absorb the swarm first. By that time I'll have 30 gallons of diesel run through a Cat dozer, the place won't be hospitable to interlopers [wannamesswitme]
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  15. CaboWabo5150

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    "I'm smack dab in the middle between Detroit and Flint. I'll let you know what happens if'n it comes to my neighborhood."

    I'm sorry to hear that VisuTrac... I was in Clarkston last weekend.. I grew up in Waterford.. Still visit a couple times a summer for a day or two each time, but I moved up north in 2001, and can't stand to get south of US-10 anymore... Hell I don't like to get below M-55 if I don't have to..

    The city is moving out into the burbs at a rapid rate.. My old neighborhood looks like a ghetto compared to just 10 years ago.. Detroit, Pontiac and Flint really could use some fire cleansing !! I've got some friends who still live in the area there, and they are pretty well prepared and expecting to have to reduce some numbers once the times really do start to get hard.. The Don't Tread On Me flags are flying high..


  16. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    lol, 10 seems to be the main line dividing the state
    im glad im north of it :)
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  17. Falcon15

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    Update on the current issues: Seems that a lawsuit was filed Friday in federal court seeking to stop the (welfare) limits from taking effect and a court hearing was set for Tuesday (tomorrow). You know this is not getting marginalized. Eyes open. Visu, stay frosty.

    Original Article
  18. swalt

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    It needs to spread all over the country. I live in Oregon, and it is as far left as California. We have more people on assistance than we have working, and those who work are footing the entire bill. It's not right.
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  19. enough

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    I'm south of Flint and I'm constantly surprised at the number of the them. Stickers, flags, tshirts ... for having such a deep core of liberal unionism, I have to wonder if lots of folks don't understand history. I seriously think that they view it as a simple statement of agression, or a outward sign of "don't mess with me". I don't think they get it... :sad:

    On another note ... I'm not usually all that interested in meet ups, but seeing that there is decent number of folks in the general area, I might be interested in a "range day" or something. Just floating that out there.
  20. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    This is something that will have to be done all over this country and soon, or it will be doomed anyway. Good that it is starting now
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