Winfield WV judge curses preacher in court

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  1. Thought ya'll might like to look at this:

    Warning profanity alert in the embedded video on the site.

    Judge Goes Absolutely Berserk and Berates Local Pastor During Divorce Hearing: ‘You Disgusting Piece of–’

    Hey Alpha Dog, any info on what if anything is coming of this.

    Seems judges fear the people they are supposed to serve, and when they think they may be held personally accountable, and their hidy hole is outed they get real worried.


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    Do you think that Judge was a little Hot under the collar..... Whew....
  4. My brother made me promise him that I would look for good cop stories instead of just the ones where cops misbehave.

    So everyday I try to find one.

    What I notice is for each of those I find, I find a bunch of stuff that simply increases my doubts about our legal system having anything to do with justice, and everything to do with control and draining money out of peoples pockets.


    And yep, no matter the situation, A judge that acts like that should not ever sit on a trial again. Not only for justice, but because it undermines any faith left that there is an impartial system of justice that exists. (I'm pretty sure that it doesn't, but that is just the feeling I get based on what I see and hear.)
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