Woo Hoo...I Just Got A Real "Electric" Refrigerator

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by ylisa7, May 8, 2011.

  1. ylisa7

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    Hi all. I am new here but this is the right place for me.

    My husband and I built our own off grid home 3 years ago. We are now in the process of tweaking everything we have done. We are also trying to be more self sufficient. We started out with all propane appliances including a propane fireplace.

    So far we have replaced the propane fireplace with a wood stove, which is awesome...we got a great deal, and a back up propane wall heater.

    And this week.....we bought a Frigidaire refrigerator with a top freezer. So far so good. Our solar system seems to be having no trouble. Just in case...hubby is ordering more panels and we are adding more batteries.[beer]

    So...does anyone want to buy a great propane refrigerator?;)
  2. bountyhunter

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    i sent u a pvt message in regards to propane fridge,did u get it? if not pvt message me
  3. oth47

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    I'm down in the SE corner of Tn..welcome,you'll like it here.
  4. ylisa7

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    Got it.

    Thank you for the welcome. I love Tennessee.
  5. Nadja

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    Oh what a great feeling . I remember when after 11 years of propane fridge, we finally had enough solar panels and batteries to get an electric one. HP like yours, freezer over the top, and really cold food. Now, we have added a small chest freezer. Cheap and really work well, plus don't take a lot of power at all. Small magic chef, from home depot. What we do is have them both on a timer, and they shut off at night around 7.pm and back on in the morning again at 6:30 am. Works well. Especially if you don't open the doors all the time. No elec bills ever and it is great
  6. ylisa7

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    There are no kids in the house so thankfully there is no refrigerator gazing, lol. But...I love to cook. I am trying to remember everything at once whenever I open the door.

    Good idea of yours about shutting them down out night. Right now, we are good...but you never now when that long period of clouds will set in.
  7. -06

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    Ylisa, am setting up a cabin by our remote pond site and need a small Propane fridge. If it is not spoken for please let me know. What are you asking for it? I have loads of ammo if you would like to do some "horse tradin". Need any gallon glass jars? PM inbound.
  8. ylisa7

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    The refrigerator is a monster. It's a Diamond Elite 19 cubic foot stainless steel propane fridge. It was used in a full time off grid house by a lover of food and cooking...that would be me, lol. Are you interested in something that big?

    Good luck with your cabin.
  9. dragonfly

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    Awesome! I have an elec up north here, but can't hook it up yet...not even the tiny one in my travel tariler ( invertor screams at me!)
    caretaker bought a large propane one, it's pretty nice, but $1850 is a tad bit much for my budget!
    maybe someday my ship will come in ( and i'll be at the train station!)
  10. -06

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    "Y", surely would. I have a bud who is working in East Tenn. restoring some Doctor's offices. Let's do some "horse tradin". Since retirement I have to be careful with my promises about monies but love to barter. Shoot me an E or just call me. Thanks
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