Zeitgeist Part Three: Don't Mind The Men Behind the Curtain

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    Added: November 20, 2007

    Please Do Research on everything you see and hear in this video, because they are all facts, how ever painful they are the Truth that you NEED to know, and if you can't handle the truth then you have got to watch this video anyways for yourself, your family and humanity, this part of Zeitgeist is about how the american dollar is worth less and is just a piece of paper, why the american was started, the central bank, the debt and credit system, the chips that will control your freedom, the north american union, why 9/11 was staged, how this technique has been used before many times, the vietnam, world war 1, world war 2, the vietnam war , hitler, nazi, facism, where the world is heading and many more, probably the most important part of Zeitgeist

    Video is 48:55 mins.

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