zeitgeist the movie ( the fed reserve)

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    This was posted on you tube but in 13 parts 1-9 have been removed for violation of service(?)here's#10 it explains the reason for the big stock market crash in '29..

    continues`into false flag ops for every war and the rfid chipped oneworld order.Catch it now before it dissappears...
    got the lead from timebomb 2k
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    It said video removed by user. But I know it's true with out even seeing it.
  3. ghrit

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    Good grief.[beat]
  4. CRC

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  5. Tango3

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    Watched the whole thang ( new and improved!) yesterday( kinda left me in a foul mood, but:..Thanks "C.
    3 parts first compares the similarities between christianity and the various pagan religious traditions.Making the case Jesus was not a real person, but a another version of the generic messiah myth...( could be very offensive to some)
    part II focuses on the "myth" of 9/11...
    part III the basis for coming one world government, control and national id by verichip. Get outta' line and "they" turn -off your verichip, and good luck.
    .It's long, neatly ties up a lot of loose ends..
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