2 budget folding knives

Discussion in 'Survival Gear Reviews' started by Sherman, May 3, 2010.

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  1. Sherman

    Sherman Dog Eat Dog

    I've been using these both for a few weeks now and thought I would comment here. Bothe are good budget folding knives.
    both are tanto point and liner lock. both are decent budget folders. Bang for the buck goes to the Benchmade. I have not abused either knife but just in everyday stuff, cutting rope and plastic ties, cutting wood shims for door hinge etc. I have not tried to put an edge on either.

    EDIT: I should add the Vex is a lot look my Emerson CQC7

    Benchmade Vex $35.95
    Every bit Benchmade, excellent fit and finish. G10 handle. Factory edge is very sharp. Very positive clip.
    The knife is a little big for EDC depending on what your doing. Only negative is that it is a Red box made in china. Otherwise very pleased with this heavy duty folder. I put this one in my BOB.

    Best price I could find
    Benchmade VEX Manual Knife (PLN) 10751BP-VEX - Blade HQ

    Gerber evo mid size, tanto, semi serrated $19.95
    Slimmer and lighter than the Vex, good for EDC, alum handle. Not a great knife but certainly good for the price. Has finger flip that works well. I wouldnt want to rely on this knife but could get you out of a jam. Good enough for regular duty.

    amazon had it too.
    Walmart.com: Gerber Evo Tanto Knife: Hunting
  2. coinshooter

    coinshooter Monkey

    Thanks for the info. Looking for a good place to buy a good folder.
  3. saddlebum

    saddlebum Monkey+

    Just my .02 worth but I've always found Gerber's to be brittle. I've had a number of them over the years break.....as in blades snap. Having said that I haven't used one for probably 10 years so maybe they've improved.
  4. Sparky

    Sparky Monkey

    You might also consider some of the Muela folders. I've had good luck with them and they're fairly inexpensive on ebay.
  5. ReadyMann

    ReadyMann Monkey

    what do you thing of Rat Knives?
  6. Sherman

    Sherman Dog Eat Dog

    I have never used a Rat but have only heard good things.

    Update, The little gerber has been carried and used daily doing carpentry and general construction. It did lose it's edge but a schrade steel brought it right back.

    I did manage to but some pretty good nicks in it, prying out plugs from a 5" Bosch hole saw bit while drilling roof vents.
  7. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco peregrinus Site Supporter

  8. hedger

    hedger Monkey

    Partial to Spyderco Native

    I enjoy reading the why's and wherefore's as to how folks feel about their EDC folding knives. I am very fond of my Spyderco Native. Spyderco does make a Native that has a serrated edge, but I prefer the smooth edge--just easier to sharpen, I guess.

    I also like the generous width of the blade; it's great for a lot of odd jobs. So, the versatility is another selling point.

    I do have to say that it is more expensive than a lot of the other choices, but I fell in love in love with it and I have not had any reason to think twice about whether I ought to have any other EDC folding knife.
  9. Brokor

    Brokor OPSEC ENABLED Site Supporter

    That's a decent blade, especially for the price. I like CR13 steel, but I cringe at linerlocks, which ruins this one for me personally. Yet, for $16, who really can complain?

    I have nothing against Gerber, they make a lot of excellent blades, but as far as folders go, I have only good reports on their top line. I would personally buy a SOG folder before another Gerber, and a Cold Steel folder before anything else. For the money invested and the amount of ruggedness offered, I really do think those are the best choices. Of course, there are always exceptions --Buck makes some pretty good work knives and so does Schrade Cutlery.
  10. kckndrgn

    kckndrgn Moderator Moderator Site Supporter

    I have had the Gerber EVO for a year or so now, it' been my daily carrier and has seen use, but not really abuse. My only complaint with it is I managed to break the belt clip off when I bumped in to a doorway.
    I just sent Gerber a note asking about a replacement clip.

    Just my personal opinion, but I refuse to buy from CTD due to their pricing policies around election time.

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