Boreal Shirt (Empire Wool and Canvas)

Discussion in 'Survival Gear Reviews' started by Brokor, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Brokor

    Brokor OPSEC ENABLED Site Supporter

    Boreal Shirt link: Empire Wool and Canvas Company. Boreal Shirt (80/20 wool)

    Lester River Bushcraft link: Home Page (100% wool)

    Here it goes, guys. I have been wanting this shirt for a while now, and I finally had the opportunity given from Jason at LR Bushcraft to purchase a Boreal Shirt of my own. There is a waiting list, especially since Empire Wool and Canvas had to subcontract the work out to Lester River Bushcraft, who actually do an excellent job at making them and work closely with Empire Wool. Coming in July 2012, the ordering process should be open again and the world will know how amazing these shirts are. I have wool blankets, 100% wool and heavy military --but they still are not as thick as the wool used in these shirts. Also, they are sewn really well, double stitched and grommets as well as special nylon pockets and equipment keeper rings. Cost: about $200. Yes, it's steep, but you're welcome to sew one up yourself if you like...good luck, it's hard to beat this quality and the features. For about $185 you can buy one at Empire Wool but it is 80/20. For those who want 100% wool, you will have to buy it through LR.

    Lester River Bushcraft / Empire Wool and Canvas Works Boreal Shirt - YouTube

    Why wool? It's naturally fire resistant, stays warm even when wet, it's resistant to bacteria and mold (to what extent I do not know), hypoallergenic --and can last a lifetime. You can spend thousands of dollars on expensive name brand clothing, some of which is quite nice (Goretex for example), but the practicality and usefulness of wool just can't be beat.

    I wanted to give a thorough review of my own, but I will have to wait until I purchase a new video camera since all of my digital equipment was recently stolen. ***The shirt pictured below is exactly the color/type I have. My cinch rope at the chest is paracord, not nylon rope.***
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  2. HK_User

    HK_User Monkey++

    Looks good.

    A man should buy what he wants and then take care of it.

    After many years of searching I came across a BRIGHT red all wool Double Mackinaw Cruiser Coat.

    Just like the one I had years ago.

    No moth holes and fits to a "T".

    Spend them FRNs now before its worthless.
  3. Brokor

    Brokor OPSEC ENABLED Site Supporter

    Another video on the Boreal Shirt. The grommets on his shirt are not black like mine are. This video does show you a bit more about the internal pockets.

    Wool Hoodie from Lester River - YouTube
  4. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    We need a LOVE button.

    I've got to have a couple of these - big wool fan here.
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  5. Brokor

    Brokor OPSEC ENABLED Site Supporter

    Lester River Bushcraft (link above in first post) is now accepting orders for the Boreal Shirt.
  6. VisuTrac

    VisuTrac Ваша мать носит военные ботинки Site Supporter+++

    wool is an awesomely stealthy fiber. Ever go walking through the woods with a nylon or synthetic outer? ZIP !!
  7. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    wish they made them in real mens sizes....[lookaround]
  8. Brokor

    Brokor OPSEC ENABLED Site Supporter

    You can email Jason (at Lester River) your measurements and he can probably get to work on one. They are sized a bit large, too.
  9. Gunny Highway

    Gunny Highway Hard Work and Sacrifice blessed by God's Grace Site Supporter

  10. Brokor

    Brokor OPSEC ENABLED Site Supporter

    Updated links to site, prices went up a little bit, but only a few dollars for the 80/20 blend. The 100% wool shirt from Lester River is $250 currently, but you can special order custom sizes now (during spring months only) for $15 extra. I do not receive anything for pointing you to this great product, I just love to share a great find when I see one. I own a Boreal shirt and I absolutely love it.

    Stocks might be low for the season, but it can't hurt to be placed on a waiting list.

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