Two off-grid communities seeking participation

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Dust of the Sun, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Dust of the Sun

    Dust of the Sun Monkey

    I have two different friends in two different locales that have started off-grid communities...happening now, not a pipe-dream....not looking for land...but up and running. One is my female farmer friend with 84 acres in central VIRGINIA WHO NEEDS HELP and is open to all kinds of arrangements to suit someone who can bring something to the with the gardens or animals or equipment or financial help in exchange for land or lease....a visit would be the way to explore this. Big big but unfinished cabin, sharecroppers shack, old house mainly for storage, a tool/workshop and river nearby, donkeys, poultry, dogs and a retired rodeo horse...specialty crop potential to make money...proven...but she doesn't have the help this has had people come and go, some stayed a year...there is phone, internet and very limited electric at this point....alittle remote and hidden but still within 25 minutes of wallyworld and Lowes and Tractor Supply and town of 10, a good retreat off the beaten path.

    The second is a friend with 10 acres and a hilltop concrete house he's building, well under way, all off western North Carolina...looking for people preparing for the unknown...very nice guy and his wife...they want to have several people join them...beautiful area near the Blue Ridge Parkway...not flatland...very easy going and friendly...will have phone and internet.

    Me: I'm digging in at my 1100 person town away from the lines of drift on the virginia/north carolina border with wife and german shepherd. If I was single or already didn't own my small in-town retreat, I would join up with either of these two...tho I may be too "soft" for complete off grid i admit...small town versus country is a major debate as to which will prove better in the collapse...I ascribe to James Howard Kunstler's viewpoint expressed in his post-collapse book WORLD MADE BY HAND...basically being small town, away from cities, surrounded by farmland...offers the better choice. Of course, this is WAY open to debate and only time will tell.
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  2. -06

    -06 Monkey++

    You guys need to carpool this Oct and come to our gathering held near Rockingham, NC. This is our @13th year and we have a great time. Learn lots from each other in "classes", cook outside, use Dutch Ovens/grills mostly, have the ranges to use all weekend, and a lake to play in. Cabins for those who need/want them. We will have a bit of "off grid" stuff this fall.
  3. Dust of the Sun

    Dust of the Sun Monkey

    Thanks -06


    Sounds interesting...any more info on this event...who do you invite?? Is it advertised anywhere or just folks you know?? I have to mapquest you...could you narrow down location and what to expect, what to bring etc??

    Thanks again.

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  4. northga

    northga North ga

    I am also interested in this.
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  5. hammer502

    hammer502 Monkey

    would like to get more info.
  6. Stephanie

    Stephanie Monkey

    I am looking into the process of joining a community. I am just starting my quest and would like to at least discuss some possibilities. If anyone is looking for people, please have them contact me.
  7. Dust of the Sun

    Dust of the Sun Monkey

    Both situations are active and looking for people
    which interests you...I'll put you in touch..
    sandra in virginia or bill and wife in the mountains of nc
    .send me your email to

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  8. Dust of the Sun

    Dust of the Sun Monkey


    what are the details on your gathering in nc???
  9. Diann

    Diann Monkey

    Dust, I would love it if you could please help me out with more information on your lady friends start up one in Virginia. I am in NC so I am looking to run away and would like to know more about it as well as help with the start of something somehow.
  10. mysterymet

    mysterymet Monkey++

    Becareful of people you just meet online offering you anything. I'm not saying it isn't legit, just that a bit of caution is helpful.
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