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These are videos that my brother and I film as we learn new skills and increase our knowledge of the woods.

American Wilderness - Channel Trailer - YouTube

American Wilderness is the culmination of our passion for the great outdoors. We strive to provide the most helpful series of wilderness videos that we can, ...

06 May 2016

Little River Co. Hammock - Gear Review - YouTube

Special thanks to Matt from Little River Co. for sending us this great hammock. In this video, Josh reviews the light blue/navy blue version of Little River ...

06 May 2016

Making a Flint & Steel Fire - Bushcraft - YouTube

In this video, Josh shows his way of making a flint and steel fire. Bushcraft is the art of using materials found in the wild to survive and thrive. It's a c...

02 May 2016
AmericanWilderness, May 2, 2016
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