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22 Aug 2021

Kero-Lite #15

From Julia in Saskatoon Saskatchewan 8/19/2021

19 Aug 2021
hot diggity, Sep 5, 2020
    • hot diggity
      Saving this here. 7/20/2021

      As an introduction to another thread that I'm working on I wanted to share some views of the Coleman Kero-Lite 160 that most collectors never want to see. I've (Gasp!) removed the entire wick riser assembly from one to show how the rack and pinion operate. It also shows how weak the teeth appear. Even though this one has all 8 teeth, they're worn on an odd angle. This burner had been bashed apart with a hammer a chisel and filled with concrete to hold an electrical socket, but even this one I will save this winter. So even in pieces that's not the troubling picture. ;)

      [attachment=2]Kero lite wick riser assembly complete.jpg[/attachment]

      A genius machinist pointed out that the Kero-Lite pinion gear is made from one long toothed shaft, and the teeth are simply removed along the rest of the pinion shaft during manufacture. That means you can't just remove the old gear and install a new one. This picture shows that pretty well, and the smaller diameter where the hand wheel is soldered on. Don't remove these if you can avoid it. They are no fun at all to get back on straight so they don't wobble. That isn't the scary picture either.

      [attachment=1]Kero lite pinion shaft.jpg[/attachment]

      Although it would normally have to be viewed with a flashlight looking through the small holes in the burner cage, THIS is what no Kero-Lite collector wants to see... EVER! A toothless pinion gear, that results in a wick that can't be adjusted and a lamp that is only nice to look at.

      [attachment=0]Kero lite toothless wick riser pinion.jpg[/attachment]

      You can still use the lamp with some missing teeth. I have a luck few that have all 8 teeth, some with 6, 4, 2 teeth that will all still move the wick up and down. It's like steering an old truck with 3/4 turn of play in the steering, but it works. Once they're all gone though, nothing moves.

      So here's the deal. How many of you have a toothless Kero-Lite 160 that you always wanted to fix?
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