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Coleman 134 with small Menards mica

Easter Sunday, very early, 2024. This lamp is using a 220 size globe with an Amish globe holder and a hanging rod with an "Amish Twist." I have no idea what those flowers are. They're zero maintenance and very pretty.

31 Mar 2024


Fired as found. Just added 3 oz of Crown fuel with the funnel it came with.

18 Feb 2024
hot diggity, Aug 3, 2019
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    • SB21
      Really nice collection,,
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    • hot diggity
      I had the flaming fountain routine from an R55. Sure wasn't expecting that, but since the valve was 90° from the flaming stream coming from the pricker shaft I was able to get it shut off. Little details like that make a big difference. I keep my empty metal waste basket handy. It will fit over most lanterns. Metal trash can will fit over anything, even a lamp with a hanger rod.
    • hot diggity
      That sounds great!

      Hank Robert's and I go way back to the summer of '79 when I was a homeless bicycle bum peddling North to Ontario when my Coleman 502 stove and other gear was stolen from my camp site in Bay City. I spent most of my remaining cash on a new Hank Robert's mini stove and a hooded wind breaker. I survived for three months in Northern Michigan and Southern Ontario using the Mini Stove as my primary cooking method. It served me well.

      It sat in storage in my bike bags while I traveled the World for 20+ more years in the Marine Corps. I pulled it out after I'd found a pristine new Coleman 502 to replace the stolen one, and found that fuel bottles were no longer available.

      I like compressed fuels and fire, so I found a solution. Actually two solutions, since the original knob got smashed on my Mini Stove. The valve on the adapter hose makes it a simple matter to adjust the flame from simmer to blazing.

      Now I'll have a complete set of wonderful Hank Robert's outdoor appliances. Very nice. Thanks for offering this.
    • hot diggity
      For sale lamp description:

      Up for sale today is a Vintage Coleman Model 152 Table Lamp. This lamp is date stamped 9 47, or September of 1947. This lamp runs on either Coleman fuel (white gas) or kerosene. It is running on Coleman fuel in the pictures.

      This lamp is still in very nice vintage condition. There are however some chips in the paint though, but there are no dings or dents anywhere on it. The original paint still has a nice shine to it. This lamp has a mica shade on it. So there is no need for an inner glass globe to protect a fabric shade from burning. This mica shade looks amazing on this lamp, especially when it is lit. This lamp is still very clean everywhere. As you can see this lamp is still in perfect working condition. It pumps up and holds its pressure perfectly. The mantles burn extremely bright on this lamp. This lamp is sure to run perfect for you for many years to come.

      Included will be the original hanging rod. So you can use this one as a table lamp, or you can hang it from the ceiling for even more light displacement. I will have to ship this lamp empty due to the shipping regulations, so all you will have to do is add new mantles and some fuel before you light it up. This vintage Coleman Model 152 table lamp is sure to make an excellent addition to your collection.

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