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"How would people know it was a premium product if it didn't have a premium price." Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz I just heard this on the radio. What a brilliant pricing strategy!

24 Oct 2022

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03 Sep 2020
hot diggity, Sep 3, 2020
    • hot diggity
      Sound advice from Stovie-Steve for selling stuff that you can't establish a value for.

      IMO - If you sell on ebay, set the price at $20 - $30 per item and let the bidders decide. The desirable stuff will likely go for what is typical for that item and less desirable stuff might need to be re-priced if it doesn't sell. That's what I told my wife to do in case she wants to sell my GPAs one day. Of course, all of that depends on how much you spent to buy the collection. As an example, some years ago I saw someone start the bidding on an M-1942 wheel stove at something like $10. Eventually, it was bid up to several hundred. So, the bidders decided the value and I'm sure the seller was thrilled. I've seen this happen on other items, too. It also depends on how fast you want to move the items. I unloaded a collection of a different type for a neighbor and it wasn't a lot of fun. Pace yourself.

      It's a bit of a pain to ship internationally, so note that clearly if you don't want to do that.

      If you're going the non-auction route it can be difficult to determine value no matter what. Best of luck!
    • hot diggity
      BDU Crop jacket and skirt. Snatch up all the surplus camouflage utilities that are in odd sizes and get busy on the sewing machine. The skinny beach girls will eat this stuff up as a beach wear wrap / cover-up.
    • hot diggity
      One possible scenario:

      You're forty. If your parents, siblings and often aunts and uncles die before you, you'll have to settle their estates. You'll end up with ten copies of the same picture that you sent out at graduation.
      You'll also have to deal with scattered real estate, storage buildings and automobiles. Some of it won't be so neat and clean. You'll have years of dealing with nursing homes and hospice care. There might be something left, but not always. Enjoy the time with loved ones while you can.

      Do you sell Grandma's house, or rent it and have another income stream from the rental? Hire a lawyer. It'll be worth it.

      As you liquidate the remaining assets you can pile some cash into mutual funds, long term care insurance and life insurance policies. You might also want to share some with the youngsters that'll have to look after you in your old age.

      Everybody dies. Eventually you reach the end of your good fortune and you'll leave a bundle to the surviving kids, nephews and nieces.... or you don't.

      My plan is to go out with a zero balance at an extremely advanced age. Life is good.

      Another scenario:

      You are only responsible for you. You have cash in the bank earning almost nothing. You should increase your 401k contribution and live off the cash in the bank before it becomes worth less.

      Read that again. ... Worth less...worth less...worthless. You can try to guess on a stock or twelve, or you can depend on a brokor that knows what to do. Either way, you keep putting money in, getting your matching $ from your employer and reducing the taxes you pay. When the market is down you buy more shares each pay period, when it's up you buy fewer. The market has always, throughout its history trended up. I got in when it was around 8000. It was over 33k yesterday. You get comfortable living with an increased 401k contribution after the cash is depleted in the bank, and if you aren't happy you find a side hustle, or three to bring in extra funds. If you find you have extra funds some months, invest in precious metals, guns, ammo, tools. Diversify your investments.

      Your successful side hustles take time, but pay well. So well that you can hire a kid to handle the work, pay him, and still make money. Hey, now you're the boss. Invest in the business get a good tax specialist. Where you go from here is up to you.

      It's fun when you find out how to make it work. I started out with a paper route, have been in the recycling business and speculate on antiques .
      Maybe you'd rather flip houses or sell "Southern cars" Up North. There's a side hustle for everybody nowadays. There are people selling bundles of long leaf pine needles and tumbled beer bottle "sea" glass online.

      Bottom line is do something now. The old bit about "Time is money" is never more true than with investments. Start young so you don't have to play catch-up later. Take the long view and enjoy the ride. The brakes will come on at the end one day.
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