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hot diggity, Nov 11, 2018
    • hot diggity
      One Gallon TLUD stove
      (Top Lit Up-Draft)

      I stole the design for mine from the Permies website about ten years ago. One strategically punctured gallon paint can, a couple inches of perforated #10 coffee can and a quart juice can with a pot stand in the top. When I was camping in National Parks that had firewood and burning restrictions I used wood pellet horse bedding for fuel. You stull get the nice wood smoke smells without importing bugs or getting visited by the park officials. At $5 for forty pounds I just let it burn out at night if I stayed in camp and it was pretty much self cleaning. If I was moving I could snuff it by setting it on the ground and tapping the lid on.
    • hot diggity
      A lifetime of work:

      Paper boy - 80 weekly papers on a rural route at 25 cents a paper.
      Dish washer - SS Kresge National headquarters, Detroit
      Heavy mover - Atlas and United Van Lines
      Heavy laborer - Petrolane petroleum
      Inventory specialist - Warehouse
      Concrete coating mixer
      Assistant Harbor Master - Quantico
      Chase boat operator
      Fiberglass boat repairer
      Sailing instructor
      Campground NCO
      Range Coach
      Marksmanship instructor
      Combat Pistol Course instructor
      Fuel and electric systems technician
      Commanding General's driver
      Career Planner
      Pistol marksmanship instructor
      Formal School Instructor
      Platoon Commander
      Substance Abuse Counseling Officer
      Casualty Assistance Calls Officer
      Adult education instructor
      Automobile Technician
      Range Safety Officer
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