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hot diggity, Feb 20, 2019
    • hot diggity
      Notes for proposed Coleman Kero-Lite registry:

      I'd like to introduce a CCF Coleman Kero-Lite 160 registry. Or for the Kero-Lite aficionado, simply "The Registry."

      I have three goals in mind.

      1. Establish how many of these lamps are known to still exist. (at least here)
      2. To share information about the history, operation and restoration of these lamps.
      3. To provide a place CCF members can go to help each other complete more of these wonderful lamps.

      I'm not a spreadsheet kind of guy, so don't expect anything fancy, but I think I can keep track of members registration numbers and the numbers of lamps. Larry (coleman54) does such a wonderful job on so many other popular "signature groups," syndicates and savers groups. I'm only going to try this one since the numbers are small enough, I think, to keep it manageable.

      I'll try to keep the numbers in a separate file, using the old stubby pencil back-up system. I'd really love to read more details of legal issues between Coleman and Aladdin. It really was a poke in the eye for them. If you have anything you'd like to share about the Kero-Lite and don't want to create your own thread, feel free to share it here. If it gets too confusing for me to track, I'll let you know.

      I'll take number 1 to keep things simple and I've already had a request for number 2. I know a few others out there that may want to participate, but I will let them chime in, post a picture of their lamp and pick their number, or take the next one that comes up. If you have multiple lamps we'll add that to the separate lamp count. We'll try to count pieces as individual lamps if you know, for instance, that the burner survived but the base is known to be broken. I have one like that, and have had orphan bases where the burner was lost. If a base came from Alberta and a burner from Dallas, it's reasonable to count that as two.

      Having fun yet?

      I've checked with the moderators, and there can be no offers of sales or trades within the thread. You'll have to communicate via PM or post your item in the classifieds.
      We will see how it works out, but I suspect the thread will generate some interesting results when the guys with only burners meet the guys with only bases.

      No, this is not a Wickie Wednesday thing. The Kero-Lite is a mantle lamp, and Coleman's only non-pressurized kerosene mantle lamp. Most sources report that approximately five thousand Kero-Lite 160 lamps were produced between 1938 and the end of production during World War II. There were little if any changes to the design throughout that time. It was already perfect. No changes were needed.

      Others agree with my assessment that the Kero-Lite is more refined than the competition of the time, or anything made since. Other non-pressurized mantle lamps may boast greater light output, or have more decorative designs, but none I've tested do the job of making light any better than the Kero-Lite.

      I'll kick the registry off:


      1. Hot_Diggity (almost enough)
      2. Tgarner01 (1) Last I checked.
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