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1560 Geneva Bible pdf - bookmarked by book and chapter 2014-01-09

This version contain the Old Testament, the Apocrypha and the New Testament.

  1. melbo
    I did some work on a pdf text of the 1560 Geneva Bible a year ago (2009). Mainly, I optimized the original 275 MB giant down to 87 MB while also adding (pdf) bookmarks for books and chapters. No small task - I sent it back to the guy who runs reactor-core.org and he had posted it along side the original version. I just noticed tonight that the site has gone down with a cryptic message from the webmaster.

    This version contain the Old Testament, the Apocrypha and the New Testament. It's often claimed that this is the first 'Bible' to reach the Americas.

    I really didn't want to host such a large file here but will try it and see how it goes. There were 835 downloads of this file before it was moved and the counter reset on 1/9/14

    From: Geneva Bible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  1. Geneva Exile
    Geneva Exile
    Version: 2014-01-09
    An Enduring Spiritual Treasure !
    1. melbo
      Author's Response
      Glad you've benefitted from this.
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