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8 Printable Targets / Military Zero targets 2014-06-19

Targets in .pdf format

  1. Brokor
    This package of .pdf's includes 8 targets which can be printed onto your own paper or taken to a professional outfit to have sturdy targets made. Also included are the M4 carbine zero target and the M16A2 25 meter zero target. See images below -
    Download full size with the Download Now button above.

    corsshair. silhouette. round1. round2. sil. round3. m4carbinezero. m16a2.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Grandpa Patch
    Grandpa Patch
    Version: 2014-06-19
    Thanks for the targets.
  2. Wild Trapper
    Wild Trapper
    Version: 2014-06-19
  3. melbo
    Version: 2014-06-19
    Great find. Thanks @brokor
  4. Georgia_Boy
    Version: 2014-06-19
    It is nice to have these in one set. I have some of them yet here they are all-in-one.
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