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A Book For Midwives, Third Printing 2013

Care For Pregnancy, Birth, And Women’s Health, Published By The Hesperian Foundation

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    A Book For Midwives, by Susan Klein, Suellen Miller, and Fiona Thomson. Published by the Hesperian Foundation.

    (I did not realize there was an updated version to the previous printing. But, I found one today, while searching the Hesperian website, and purchased it. So, here it is.)


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Recent Reviews

  1. duane
    Version: 2013
    While the emphasis is on midwife aspects in women's care, it is really a book on female medical care in developing countries. As such a lot of the information is not appli0cable to most medical care in the USA. However, it would be of great use if TSHTF. Some of the basic assumptions, the woman may not even have a bed to lie on when giving birth, nor access to good food, water, and sanitary supplies, make it a valuable tool for "ditch" medicine and if nothing else, will make all of us grateful for what we take for granted, even the poorest in most of the USA receive medical care unavailable to most of the world.
    1. Asia-Off-Grid
      Author's Response
      I agree with you, Duane. I was thinking about that exact same thing, earlier today. A few of the resources I upload, are focused more on the Third-World. (I am about to upload another file, regarding water, more for Third-World countries.) But, they are very informational resources which could very well come in handy even in the US, if we were to experience a SHTF scenario.
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