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ADF Manual of Land Warfare Pt2 Infantry Training - Vol1 Inf Ops Pam2 The Rifle Platoon

Australian Defence Force Training Pamphlet: The Infantry Rifle Platoon.

  1. chelloveck
    An Australian rifle platoon of WW1 being addressed by its Platoon Commander, Lt Rupert, Frederick Arding MC. in France. Lieutenant Rupert Frederick Arding Downes MC addressing his platoon from B Company, 29th Battalion, near Warfusee, France, in August 1918.

    Although the following training pamphlet is (now obsolete) it is presently available for download from: https://www.army.gov.au/sites/g/files/net1846/f/mlw_2-1-2_the_rifle_platoon_1986_full_obsolete_0.pdf

    This publication still has quite a bit of useful information contained within it.
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  1. Zimmy
    Thanks. Good read
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