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Alternator secrets 2015-08-14

Alternator secrets

  1. wnn
    Useing an alternator to produce power.

    In the last two decades alternators have replaced generators in motor vehicles. The reasons are many: output current can be produced at lower rpm, voltage can be more accurately' controlled with solid state regulators, alternators need less maintenance, and they cost less to manufacture.

    When modified, auto alternators can provide variable direct current at 0 to 120 volts for battery charging, hot charging, light arc welding, or for running AC-DC appliances and lights. Another simple modification provides AC power to run some transformer-operated appliances. If you know the secrets of its operation and the modifications possible, the small low-cost alternator can become a versatile power plant.

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Recent Reviews

  1. duane
    Version: 2015-08-14
    Good basic introduction to alternators one of the least utilized survival tools. Wind, water, gas engine, you name it, they all will drive it, and for about $50, bucks in many places you can buy a self contained 12 v dc alternator with a 50 + amp output. Many times when someone is junking a car they will give it to you with the mounts.
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