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Army Machinist Course -1988- Part Seven of Seven- Shop Safety 2015-05-17

The Army course on Machining and machine metal work. Part Seven of Seven, Shop Safety

  1. Dont
    Look at your hands.. Nice fingers are'nt they.. Wanna keep them? You will be working with hungry machinery that has no mind of it's own.. It only operates as you instruct it. SO, it is up to you to protect yourself and keep your hands out of the spinning parts!

Recent Reviews

  1. duane
    Version: 2015-05-17
    The army series is also a 1980's period release and thus does not require computers etc be used to run the tools listed. It was self guided education course and thus much more to the point and limited to the tool being discussed. The two courses, army and navy compliment each other very well. Both well worth having and having in a folder next to your lathe, bandsaw, drill press etc. If nothing else it will remind us old men of why things were done or prevent us from teaching the next generation all of our mistakes and bad habits.
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