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Army Smart Card Creator 2015-10-30

Army Smart Card Creator

  1. TailorMadeHell
    This is a Smart Card creator program. Choose the card and print. Has different things such as Injury Prevention, 9 Line Medevac, Soldier's Creed, etc. May find it useful for something.

    The Army Smart Card Creator software was created so anyone can quickly design and print their custom Smart Card (not to be confused with the embedded Military ID Smart Card chips) for quick reference wherever you go. You can view each Army Smart Card and print them out using one of the many options. Smart Cards are quick references for soldiers and service members to study and have readily available when needed

    Completed Cards included with the program:
    9-Line MEDEVAC Request
    Cadet / NCO / Soldier's Creed
    Army Core Values
    Army Forms
    Call for Fire
    Code of Conduct
    Cold Injury Prevention / Frostbite / Hypothermia
    Convoy Leader / Brief Checklist
    Convoy Matrix
    Convoy Vehicle Checklist
    Friendly TTP for Hostile Crowds
    General Orders
    Heat Cramps / Exhaustion / Stroke IED / UXO Report
    Iraqi Arabic / Korean / Spanish Keywords & Phrases
    Mine Sense
    Operations Order (OPORD)
    Phonetic Alphabet
    Risk Assessment Matrix
    Soldier Data & Sensitive Items
    Squad Leader Matrix
    Weapons Data
    Wind Chill Temperatures Table
    Work/Rest/Water Consumption

    Full matrix's for squad leaders and convoy commanders are also available to help organize and coordinate. If there is a card which you think should be added simply use the card editor and add it to the collection.

    Along with the predesigned set of references, the Army Smart Card Creator allows you to design your own cards to include with the programmed cards. The easy to use card editor allows you to quickly draw in lines, squares and format text to make the reference card which is useful to you. The saved files can also be traded to others using this program.

    What sets this printing software apart is the ability to print single or doubled-sided, choose the card size and the number of sets per page. The card-sets are printed on 8.5” x 11” paper using a standard printer, then cut out to their custom size, and then folded together to create a double-sided Smart Card or booklet. You could print large references to post in your command post or print the cards small with 5 others you choose to keep in your pocket.

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