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Backwoods Home Magazine Solar Collection 2014-06-18

51 Solar Energy eBooks (.zip)

  1. Brokor
    51 eBooks on solar energy, Backwoods Home Magazine

    • Solar Water Heating System Designs
    • House Heating Solar Greenhouse
    • A little planning makes living with solar easier than you think
    • A solar primer--how it works, how it's made, what it costs
    • A solar-powered silent partner
    • Add solar power to your truck or camper
    • Build a simple solar-powered outdoor light
    • Build a solar powered clock
    • Build your own solar hot tub
    • Build your own solar-powered water pumping station
    • Charging RV batteries with the sun
    • Conservation and a wise choice of home appliances is the key
    • Designing for solar heating
    • Emergency solar power for $950
    • Getting the most out of a solar electric system
    • Grid-tie solar powered farm
    • Grounding and lightning protection for solar-electric power
    • Here is a solution to the problem of transmitting solar electricity
    • Build a solar-heated shower
    • How an inverter fits into your solar electric system
    • How to wire your house for solar electricity
    • Integrated PV-roofing
    • Keep those gadgets working after the power goes out
    • Marrying solar thermal and PV to create a closed loop hot water system
    • Paring down for off-grid living
    • Photovoltaics in Arkansas' Meadowcreek community...
    • Photovoltaics--is the big price breakthrough just around the corner?
    • Preparing your photovoltaic system for winter
    • PV as a country business--if you're a jack-of-all-trades
    • PV pioneer describes his successful solar home
    • Selecting the right PV voltage
    • Self-reliant couple create solar homestead
    • Solar Building Design
    • Solar Cell Improvements Make Solar Modules Desirable As Home
    • Solar Cell Inventor Tony Lamb Made His Breakthrough in 1931
    • Solar cells, Inverters, and your Personal Computer
    • Solar panel testing and repair
    • Solar power 101--Batteries--Part 1
    • Solar power 101--Batteries--Part 2
    • Solar power 101--Inverters--Part 3
    • Solar power 101--Solar arrays--Part 4
    • Solar Power--Is It the Answer for Your Electric Needs
    • Solar water pumping basics
    • Solar water pumping--a sensible, reliable alternative
    • Standby battery charging techniques
    • Sunny solutions for the north slope
    • The care and feeding of solar batteries
    • The sensible, integrated photovoltaic energy system
    • Try an isolated gain passive solar house
    • Try these simple ways to get started in solar hot water
    The complete printable index of all articles published in Backwoods Home Magazine from Issue #1 to the present is available free, in PDF format, on the Article Index page.

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