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Beyond Collapse 20140513

Surviving and Rebuilding Civilization from Scratch - T. Joseph Miller Jr.

  1. melbo
    ## Please note that I am not the author of this work. ##
    We also suggest that you order the hard copy (it's only 12 bucks)
    Beyond Collapse: T Joseph Miller Jr: 9781480140806: Amazon.com: Books

    From the author, Joeseph T Miller:
    I've leafed through a lot of survival books (both good and bad), 'post-apocalypse' preparation books and various other tomes that proclaim to one and all that their particular writings will give you everything you need to survive. I’ve also read voraciously through numerous novels that deal with similar themes during the course of my research.

    To be honest, few of them will make sense to the average human being. Fewer still are realistic. Why, you ask? Well, not everyone has the money, time and effort to be a martial arts master, become proficient with a variety of weapons, gather a force of battle-hardened veterans and, oh yeah – learn trauma medicine, engineering, animal husbandry, agriculture and chemistry. Most, at best, only help you survive for long enough until the initial chaos is past, then dumps you off to your own devices from there. Worse still, a disturbing number of the guides out there will have you looking and acting like a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, a commando wannabe, or adopting some other personality that you definitely do not want or need. Far too many assume that you have (or are somehow looking to acquire) the advanced skills and tactics training that simply do not exist in the average person.

    My initial goal is to get you and yours to start thinking ahead, no matter how far along in these pages you get. To start making preparations that will not only save your butt when things get ugly, but can help improve your mind, body and ironically enough, give you a bit of confidence and improvement in how you live today in peaceful times. Once you're at least somewhat prepared, you can face the world with less trepidation, less fear, know what to do and be able to breathe a little easier. My ultimate goal is to get you and your fellow surviving neighbors together, so that you can rebuild a working community and ultimately, civilization itself. Even if at least one of our existing governments (local, state, federal) manage to recover in some working form, a lot is going to be lost, or possibly disfigured beyond recognition. History has shown us all too many instances where wonderful cultures and knowledge was lost to the ages, taking millennia to be re-discovered if at all. We are still recovering hints and fragments of numerous lost civilizations today. I would prefer that our own civilization not be a complete puzzle to future archaeologists - I also think you would agree, no?



    Copyright Notice
    I retain full copyright, but you are free to make as many electronic-only copies of this book as you like and pass them around to others for free. I actually want you to print a physical copy for your own personal use as well – seriously, go right ahead. Give your printer a workout or go to the nearest copier/office store and have them do it for you, with my blessings and encouragement. That said, I do not and will not allow for any commercial redistribution of this book, in whole or in part, under any circumstance, for any reason - alone or as part of a package, or hidden behind a toll or pay-wall of any kind. I have that one restriction, because I refuse to see others make a profit off of work that they simply did not do.
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Recent Reviews

  1. chelloveck
    Version: 20140513
    An excellent well thought out, argued and articulated resource. Lots of sensible practical advice. It's a keeper.
  2. Ganado
    Version: 20140513
    Excellent! Covers details from mental capacity and knowing yourself and acting accordingly to long term living locations and details on prepping. Very well thought out, logical and concise for such a large topic
    1. melbo
      Author's Response
      Glad you enjoyed it.
  3. Brokor
    Version: 20140513
    This is a well thought out book, and covers a great deal of thought concerning the many questions people may have.
    1. melbo
      Author's Response
      I don't agree with a lot of his long term rebuilding ideas (10+ years). It seems like he wants to reconstruct the same system we have now - fiat currency, court system with juries of (not) your peers and more. Still a worthy addition to the library.
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