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Biosand Filters 2012

A Cheap, Reliable Way To Filter Water, Proven Around The World

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    Biosand Filter for Technicians, By CAWST

    My personal thoughts:
    Water, is our most valuable resource on this planet. We will not survive without it.

    Imagine a SHTF scenario. Imagine no power, no water pumps, no water filters, no water purification whatsoever being available to you. If you have a Biosand filter, you can still provide yourself with clean, continuously filtered water, for free.

    Here in Southeast Asia, and in other countries around the world, countless Biosand filters process water every day, making it consumable for millions and millions of people.

    This is the single best resource I have ever found, regarding the design and construction of a Biosand filter. Sand, being the main ingredient of this concoction, is what filters out pathogens that are unhealthy for humans to ingest.

    While the cost to construct these will vary around the globe, here in Southeast Asia, they can be built from concrete for as little as $12 USD, each. This eBook will teach you every aspect of this Biosand filter. Every part regarding the construction of a Biosand filter, can be found locally in any country. And, the best part is, you can continue to use the same sand over and over again. It is simple to clean the filter once the flow begins to slow.

    What is more important is, these filters can easily be reproduced, or even constructed on a larger scale, in order to satisfy the clean water needs of any sized household or community.

    Please Note: While these filters are excellent at filtering pathogens, Biosand filters will not filter dissolved chemicals from the water. Arsenic is an example here. - Asia-Off-Grid

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