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Cartridge Manufacture USA 1916 2015-08-29

A study of brass cartridge manufacturing in 1916

  1. Dont
    A study and explanation on the process of manufacturing Brass cartridges and other components for making bullets. In light of our recent lack of reloading components, this could be handy knowledge. Combine this with the text on making molds.

    I need to get a shop!

Recent Reviews

  1. duane
    Version: 2015-08-29
    Excellent study on the complex steps in making a cartridge and why and how it was done. Even more amazing in the process was totally mechanical. The plants were as complex as a computer chip factory and a standardized plant was designed. It was no accident that the US 30-40 and later 30-06, the British 303, the Russian 7.62-54, the German-Austrian-Turkish 8 MM are all very similar in size and shape.
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