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Construction Plans For Garages PDF eBooks (.zip file) 2018-08-24

A Zipped File Of 17 Resources, Regarding Construction Plans For Garages

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    A list of the 17 titles included in the .zip file:
    1. Garage_Plan_16x24x09.pdf
    2. Garage_Plan_16x24x10.pdf
    3. Garage_Plan_20x20x09.pdf
    4. Garage_Plan_22x38x14.pdf
    5. Garage_Plan_22x40x16.pdf
    6. Garage_Plan_24x20x09.pdf
    7. Garage_Plan_24x22x12.pdf
    8. Garage_Plan_24x26x09.pdf
    9. Garage_Plan_24x30x09.pdf
    10. Garage_Plan_24x36x09.pdf
    11. Garage_Plan_25x36x14.pdf
    12. Garage_Plan_26x28x08.pdf
    13. Garage_Plan_30x20x08.pdf
    14. Garage_Plan_30x30x09.pdf
    15. Garage_Plan_30x48x14.pdf
    16. Garage_Plan_36x46x12.pdf
    17. Garage_Plan_36x46x22'9''.pdf

Recent Reviews

  1. NVBeav
    Version: 2018-08-24
    Great selection of garage plans with various sizes to choose from. It looks like you could take the plans to the local gubmint office and have them approve (or add whatever local items are needed). Good dreaming material :^)
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