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Emergency War Surgery 2014-01-07

Department of Defense

  1. jack_froste
    “All the circumstances of war surgery thus do violence to civilian
    concepts of traumatic surgery. The equality of organizational and
    professional management is the first basic difference. The second
    is the time lag introduced by the military necessity of evacuation.
    The third is the necessity for constant movement of the wounded
    man, and the fourth — treatment by a number of different
    surgeons at different places instead of by a single surgeon in one
    place — is inherent in the third. These are all undesirable factors,
    and on the surface they seem to militate against good surgical
    care. Indeed, when the over-all circumstances of warfare are
    added to them, they appear to make more ideal surgical treatment
    impossible. Yet this was not true in the war we have just finished
    fighting, nor need it ever be true. Short cuts and measures of
    expediency are frequently necessary in military surgery, but
    compromises with surgical adequacy are not.”

    —Michael E. DeBakey, MD
    Presented at Massachusetts General Hospital
    Boston, October 1946

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  1. melbo
    Version: 2014-01-07
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