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Expedient Homemade Firearms - Vol II - The Machine Pistol 2016-07-28

98 page PDF on how to make an Expedient Homemade Firearm Machine Pistol

  1. 10brokenpromises
    In this volume of Expedient Homemade Firearms i will endeavor to show how a more compact and lightweight machine pistol can be constructed from readily available off-the-shelf materials.

    In these days of anti-gun laws, when firearms may have to be hidden away, the more compact and concealable a weapon is the better.
    The expedient machine pistol is a .32/.380 caliber weapon. The true expedient firearm is built from the position that no outside influences such as machine tools or professional gunsmith’s materials are available. For this reason nearly all major component parts of the weapon, receivers, barrel, breech block and magazine, are constructed from readily available steel tubing, eliminating any need for a lathe. The barrel, for example, is assembled from a length of seamless hydraulic tube reinforced with a series of steel collars and is smooth-bore rather than rifled. While the accuracy available from the smooth-bore barrel is restricted to relatively close ranges, the relative ease and speed of assembling the expedient barrel more than
    compensates for this necessary compromise.
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