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Construction & Shelter Expedient Survival Shelters 2014-07-04

Important Information on Shelters

  1. Brokor
    Shelter Site Selection
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    Expedient Shelters
    Snow Cave Shelter
    Snow Trench Shelter
    Snow Block and Parachute Shelter
    Snow House or Igloo
    Lean-To Shelter
    Fallen Tree Shelter
    Tree-Pit Shelter
    20-Man Life Raft
    Poncho Lean-To
    Poncho Tent
    Three-Pole Parachute Tepee
    One-Pole Parachute Tepee
    No-Pole Parachute Tepee
    One-Man Shelter
    Parachute Hammock
    Field-Expedient Lean-To
    Swamp Bed
    Natural Shelters
    Debris Hut
    Tree-Pit Snow Shelter
    Beach Shade Shelter
    Desert Shelters

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