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For the individual/soldier in knowing and observing the rules of sanitation and hygiene.

  1. Yard Dart
    This manual provides information and instruction in the use of established, practical measures designed to preserve health and prevent disease in the Army and Air Force. It explains the fundamentals of sanitation and their application under field conditions. It points out the responsibilities of command and of the individual soldier for knowing and observing the rules of sanitation and hygiene, especially as they apply to living conditions and to circumstances peculiar to the military service. This manual is to be used in conjunction with other manuals listed in appendix A. The material contained in this manual is applicable to both nuclear and nonnuclear warfare except as otherwise noted. The hygiene and sanitation provisions of STANAG No. 2002 and of CENTO STANAG and SEASTAG No. 2122 have been implemented in this manual except that the hygiene implications of bacteriological warfare in No. 2122 are covered in principle, not as a separate topic.

Recent Reviews

  1. chelloveck
    Version: 2014-07-14
    A comprehensive document on hygiene and sanitation in the field. All the more important when public health services and infrastructure become compromised by natural or man-made disaster.
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