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FM 3-05.230 Special Forces Tactical Facilities 2014-01-08

Has some info that may be of use for your BOL/retreat (esp. wall thickness/materials).

  1. CATO
    The Special Forces Tactical Facility

    The primary role of the SF TACFAC is to support special operations (SO) and
    function as a tactical and operational base. As such, TACFACs serve a primarily
    defensive function, although they may serve as bases for needed offensive operations.

    The secondary role of the TACFAC is to be a center that develops, nurtures, and
    maintains liaison with local host-nation (HN) populace and members of the HN
    military and civilian leadership. This role is critical in foreign internal defense (FID)
    and counterinsurgency (COIN) operations.

    Over time, the TACFAC helps provide for establishment, restoration, and
    improvements of many local HN community and governmental services and systems.

    These essential support systems for the TACFAC and surrounding HN communities are best captured by the acronym SWEAT-MSS (security, water, electricity, administration, trash, medical, sewage, and shelter). Eventually, the SF TACFAC will be returned to the control of the HN government through a relief in place (RIP).
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