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HK91 (CETME) .308 2014-06-15

Civilian version of the G3

  1. Brokor
    Heckler & Koch GMBH - 6 pages.

Recent Reviews

  1. BoonDocks_36
    Version: 2014-06-15
    As an Owner of an H&K 91 CLONE, I sure am happy to have this on my Computer. I own a PTR 91 which is in Mint Condition, and is Built on H&K (retired) Factory Equipment. the Entire factory was Dismantled by H&K Enginneer's, transported to Conneticutt, and Rebuilt by H&K Engineer's, who also Test Ran the first 1,000 rifles, mine is in the low 2,000 Serial Number!
    1. Brokor
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the information and the feedback!
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