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Home Built Hydraulic RAM Pumps 2003

Two Useful Designs Show You How To Pump Water For Free

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    Home Built Hydraulic RAM Pumps, 2003, By NW Independent Power Resources.


Recent Reviews

  1. Dunerunner
    Version: 2003
    Excellent resource that everyone should download!
  2. duane
    Version: 2003
    Good intro to a very useful tool for raising water from a low head source. It may seem simple, use water hammer to raise water, but the devil is in the details. Either very inefficient or wears out very quickly if not done right.
    1. Asia-Off-Grid
      Author's Response
      I don't think they are overly efficient if they are constructed properly. But, if you are on a river or creek, where the waste water can be routed back to it, that wouldn't be so bad. Or, maybe used to water a garden or fill a pond? Who knows? Lots of options may be available, for the waste water from a RAM pump.
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