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Home Power Magazine 1987-2018

This Resource Is Offered Exclusively To Site Supporters

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    The publication of Home Power Magazine, after 31 years, will end as of the printing of Issue #188. This will be the November / December 2018 edition.

    I have been a continuous, active subscriber of HPM since 2007. Through my subscription, I have been able to collect and compile all current and back issues of the magazine.

    I do not want to see such a valuable resource lost forever, especially since the publishers - Richard and Karen Perez, not only "talked the talk", they also "walked the walk". They have lived using alternative energy since 1970. (The magazine has always been published using alternative energy.)

    I decided to make this resource exclusively available to Site Supporters of the Survival Monkey Forums. Currently, I have up to Issue #187 uploaded. I will upload the final issue as soon as it is made available to me.

    All issues are currently on my OneDrive cloud account. Simply follow the "Download Now" link up top, to be taken to the list of issues. Feel free to download the issues you want.

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