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Homemade Guns and Homemade Ammo 2016-07-28

98 page PDF (scanned book) on building your own firearms and ammunition

  1. 10brokenpromises
    This book will tell you how to make guns, gunpowder and primers from common materials. No knowledge of chemistry is necessary. Nor is a fancy machine shop. Ordinary hand tools will do.
    With this book in hand, anyone who wants firearms can have them -- with no litmus test of political, religious or ethnic worthiness required.

Recent Reviews

  1. BoonDocks_36
    Version: 2016-07-28
    This Should BE in everybodies Computer! In my ReLoading Stash, I have the EQUIPMENT, to reload Spent 22LR cartridges, and Have the needed Bullet Mould for the rebated Leadround nose, in Two weights. I have the needed Primer Compound, Enough for 1000 22 LR cases, and Four different Powder types to make them go BANG. I am Writing this, without Reading it, as It is downloading As I type. Thank you for the Reference Manual
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