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Hot Water Solar Collector Design Manual 2010

Plans To Construct A Hot Water Solar Collector

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    Hot Water Solar Collector Design Manual, By Ronald B. Little.

    "These plans will provide a clear path for you to meet the objective of the use of free energy to heat your water. There are five main components necessary for heating your hot water and they are:
    1. The solar collector
    2. The storage tank
    3. The heat exchanger
    4. The system controller
    5. The circulation system
    The plans will explain everything that I had to learn in order to build my system and to get it up and running. I will try pass on every thing necessary for you to be successful. I would like to see thousands of these systems conserving energy and saving families money on their hot water expenses. Please read the manual over a few times and hopefully it will answer most of your questions before you begin."

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