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NATIVE AMERICAN - Thatcher's Indian Biography 2014-09-22

Volume 1

  1. Brokor
    Type: Scanned .pdf
    Pages: 329
    Publication Date: 1836
    Illustrations: No
    About The Book: This is Volume 1 of 2. A minute and graphic story of early Indian life in the United States-A valuable compendium to American history. From the Preface: The following work does not require an elaborate explanation or an apology of any kind. It is, historically, a mere act of justice to the fame and the memories of many wise, brilliant, brave and glorious men-patriots, orators, warriors and statesmen, who ruled over barbarian communities and were indeed themselves barbarians, but whose influence, eloquence and success of every description were therefore but the nobler objects of admiration and the worthier subjects for record.

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