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"Normal" a post SHTF novel (Story 1 of the "Normal" Saga) 2015-02-03

by Grand58742 (PDF version)

  1. Grand58742
    America, much less the world was unprepared for the events of the early 21st century. After years of continuing debt and inflation, global political polarization and balkanization of nations around the world, conflicts in every region, devastation from Mother Nature the likes never seen before; the “civilized” world has a long fall ahead, nobody knew when, how or even if, but make no mistake, the fall would come like a meteor crashing into the earth. With the world’s economies tangled together like fishing nets, one country could set in motion a series of events which would plunge the world into chaos.

    One country did…

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Recent Reviews

  1. john316
    Version: 2015-02-03
  2. laurin
    Version: 2015-02-03
    Excellent story and one that should start the what if thinkers plan for the what is.
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