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Off Grid Cabin Complete Build 2018-07-16

12' x 16' Cabin With Front Porch And Side Deck.

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    This is a 35 page PDF very detailed plan, to build a 12' x 16' cabin, a 12' x 6' covered front porch, and an adjacent 22' x 6' deck, which runs the full length of the cabin.

    This plan includes the Sketch Up file, if you are interested in building this particular plan, or altering it to better suit yourself. You may download the file, TinyCabin.skp, by clicking on this link. (Not an automatic download.)

    The plan is broken down into three parts:
    1. Foundation, floor joists and decking.
    2. Framing the cabin.
    3. Roof construction.

    The plan includes every from detailed measurements, to parts and materials needed for each step, to his actual Home Depot shopping list.

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