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Open Hymnal 2014.06

Collection of public domain hymns

  1. PDF updated to latest version 2014.06

    Updates since the 2012.10 version of the Open Hymnal:

    "Freely you received, so freely give." - Matthew 10:8 (WEB)

    07 Jul 2014 Added a new hymn,My Savior's Love , contributed by Tobin Strong. Thanks!

    22 Jun 2014 Updated large pdf version of the hymnal.

    08 Jun 2014 After a bit of an absence, added a new hymn, Of The Father's Love Begotten.

    23 Mar 2014 Added a new hymn, Praise The Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him.

    10 Mar 2014 Added two new hymns, Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken (contributed...
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